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And if they have no community left to communicate with then they will die.

It seems that this is where the MEN is heading,a great shame but opportunities for other organisations with less overheads to step in

As you say Nigel, opportunity for others is there for those willing to grasp it.

Noticed Kate has similar thoughts:


I wonder if cut backs at the MEN will increase its dependency on freelance journalists like you Craig.

I have to confess to not knowing a lot about the journalism industry, but my experience of other industries is that when an organisation wants to cut costs it will often make somebody redundant on Friday and hire them as a freelancer on the Monday.

I have often considered the relationship between what an employee costs and the quality or work they deliver. I'm concerned that by cutting back on its good quality staff, like Sarah mentioned above, that the MEN has got itself out of one problem but now finds itself in a completely different one.

Hi Jamie, unfortunately I'm not seeing more opportunities for freelancers, if anything budgets are being cut.

And I think many people would agree with you about the declining quality of the MEN.

All the best, Craig

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