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Hi Craig, I found this really interesting. I hope that in the future I may be able to look into this more for www.gotyourhandsfull.com as I have picked up things on the site and am again attracting more readers. Thanks for the pointers.

By the way, latest news is that I have been invited on an all expenses paid trip to Disney, Florida with 7 other mum bloggers - so the stuff you were telling me a couple of years back about marketing people connecting with so-called 'mummy bloggers' has really kicked in now, I've blogged about this if you want to check it out. x

"...offered a price of 50p per 1,000 page views, this lets people pay £10 and their advert will be displayed 20,000 times, which is not a bad deal."

At this rate I don't see how it can compete with Adsense. If adsense gets you a 5% ctr, then 20,000 page views yields 1000 clicks, even at only 20 cents a click that's $200.

What am I missing?

Hi William,
There is no need for the two services to compete, they can run alongside each other and appeal to different advertisers.

Addiply allows me to open up online advertising to any number of businesses that relate to my websites.

Often such a business will never have used Google Adsense, or have the resources or time to get their head around it all.

Bigger businesses, such as travel firms or property firms who want to appeal to readers of This French Life, do have these resources but can't go around individual websites arranging deals - Adsense lets them do this from one spot.

What I am trying to do is increase the size of my advertising pie:


All the best, Craig

Ah, that makes sense.


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