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Craig, I know you'd highlight this anyway, but I thought I'd mention that TypePad has recently introduced a feature that allows the author to change the URL of a post or page. This is something that WordPress has had for a while but only recently made available to all users, as opposed to self-hosted WP blogs. I didn't check if TypePad's URL tweaking feature is extended onto basic (i.e. unpaid) accounts, but the very existence of it makes TP very, very competitive, especially for those who can't be bothered upgrading to a new WP version every few months. :-)

Thanks for the post.

Hi Julia, as you say giving people more control over the URL will be a great help.

And for others still wondering if a blog is worth it, check out what journalist Kristine Lowe has written about the benefits of having a blog to earning commissions and other work:



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