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Thanks for this, always wonder why, when things have worked perfectly ok before, they have to be changed. Now to try and cope with the changes!


Craig, I think the isssue is, is blogging sexy anymore? The answer is clearly a NO. Blogging has entered the mainstream including the corporate world. More or less everyone is blogging, so it is no longer appealing.

Platforms such as Twitter are appealing, because:

1. You can express yourself immediately with immediate feedback
2. People have less time, therefore less time to blog

For a long time, I was the No. 1 blogger for my subject area, as I perhaps was the first one to blog about it. Then I took a break from blogging and find myself with many bloggers covering the same subject, which is no doubt good for the industry, but it has some what reduced my drive to continue blogging.

I love twitter, which already has its ecosystem. My two pence worth..

Craig- this is fantastic feedback, and really helpful. Would you consider letting us link to this (with full attribution, of course)? I think it dovetails nicely with some of the work we do on our knowledge base at http://support.typepad.com.

thanks again!

Hi all, I am glad that with a few tweaks the TypePad editor is close to how it was and of course if my piece can help others all the better.

And I still think that blogs, or other techniques of ensuring a long form of connecting with others will still be popular, and I'm sure you will see more people use similar tools in the future.

All the best, Craig

But I don't have a "Convert Line Breaks Option" coming up at the bottom of the page or any where else that i can see. Any ideas?

Hi Claire, make sure you have clicked the Edit HTML option and then head towards the bottom of the page to 'Convert Line Breaks'.

Give me a shout if still causing problems.

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