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Hi Craig I've nearly finished the blog, check it out! http://www.akapr.typepad.com


Craig, thanks for another thought-provoking topic which I have been pondering all afternoon. I guess we don't consider time's eco qualities because it's an intangible. But no less important for that.

I'm horribly aware that I squander time by faffing around on the internet (usually Facebook, Twitter and Journobiz) when I should be buckling down to work. I've noticed that on the days where I sit around in my dressing gown for ages before showering, I'm far less likely to be productive and much more inclined to waste time. The days I get dressed early are the days I use time less wastefully and achieve more.

I absolutely agree on the need to take time out to let ideas flow. I often get great ideas when twittering with others but instead of stopping right away to work up a pitch or whatever, I think "I'll come back to that later" only to find that later the idea has faded... I'm not sure I'm ready to meditate but I am determined to make more time for reading books in the evenings.

Hi guys,
Thanks Lydia for the message, good to see the site taking shape, I knew you were taking notes ;-)
And I must admit Louise that I'm not in the meditative state yet, just trying to 'unhook' for a few minutes and read more like yourself.
Take care

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