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Thanks a lot for this, Craig - that's a very poignant and sincere response. Just makes you wonder once again how well politicians actually know what they talk about.

A quote:

"She added, "I think the public is still very trusting towards blogs, it is still seen as sincere."

In my experience, every third, if not second, person I've spoken to - not just in England, but also in Russia, the U.S., and other countries - has no idea what a blog is. That includes not just individuals, but also businesses (and I work in SEO and SEM). Same applies to people's plans to start a blog. From where has Ms Mikko got the idea of people trusting blogs, if people don't even know the word?

I can agree about "polluting cyberspace". (It looks like political vocabulary is getting "greener", and that's somewhat alarming). But "polluting cyberspace" is akin to political demagogy, and I guess nobody is planning to regulate the latter. And as you rightly point out, splogs and worthless sites just don't get into the first pages of SERPs, they're not linked to (except between spammers themselves), they're just there gathering cyberspace dust - like the speeches of the 19th c. politicians in the libraries.


Hi Julia, I must agree that most people wouldn't know if they were on a blog or not, to many readers a website is a website.

And if they build up a trust with the site by regularly reading the articles, following links and maybe joining in with the comments, that's much more valuable than an EU 'badge'.

All the best, Craig

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