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Thank you for caring about the Galgo.

You can also help by buying a coat for your own Galgo, Grey or Whippet.

All the raised funds will be dedicated to help the Spanish Galgos in need.

le Bulletin Des Lévriers is expecting your visits. Do not fotget to sign the petitons, they are all gathered in the "AGIR" section of le Bulletin.

Kind regards.

Barbara LEFRANC-

le Bulletin Des Lévriers

Pétition en ligne :

Hi Barbara
Many thanks for your message and best of luck with your work.

L'Europe des Levrier is the association which carries out rescues every month, bringing galgos from Spain to new homes in France. They have two very active volunteers in northern Spain who work extensively with the refuges where the lucky galgos find safety.

The association desperately needs funds for their work, so look at their website boutique where dog coats, collars and cards can be bought, all proceeds going to L'Europe des Levriers.

You can also sign their on-line petition, as well as signing the same petition on Galgo News. 30,000 names are needed before April, when the president of L'Europe des Levriers will present it to the European Commission and the Spanish Government, requesting the use of galgos for hunting is banned, and the breeding of galgos is strictly controlled.

L'Europe des Levriers looks forward to hearing from you.

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