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Thanks Craig!

The other thing I wanted to achieve and didn't really mention was covered in a recent comment on the article.

I've used blogs to promote my artwork for a long time, and to off it for sale (quite successfully). But what I didn't have was a good way to make it easy for readers to find what they were looking for… Categories work pretty well in a general sense, but because they're organized by date they aren't always the best way to show a series of products (or art) in the most natural order.

By figuring out a way to show my best selling work side by side, in the order of popularity, I make it much easier for customers to choose just what they're looking for.

So in a sense, it's not just about benefiting the seller. It's about making it easy for the shopper too!

Hi John
Many thanks for that, how can see being able to order things by popularity would be a real advantage.

And as an aside I noticed that here in the UK, BT has enabled users of its Tradespace service to take payments via PayPal, please see:


All the best, Craig

Hi Craig,
thanks for your article.
I work with online jewelry store and I advice them to divide their goods into categories by the popularity. They said it works perfect.

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