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Well nice to meet you Craig and thxs for the tips and monetizing idea's, as soon as I make my 1st million I'll buy you a beer :)

Anyway now I know where you are I'll be sure to pop in more often

Hi Vince, was good to chat with you as well last night and I'm glad we tracked down the owner of the nuts and bolts ;-)
All the best, Craig


Many thanks for your advice and input last night. You've given me a lot to think about and opened my eyes to the potential of a well written piece of the internet.

I look forward to being able to show you my progress the next time we meet!



that's a cracking picture of you looking surprised, what had been said? :)

Think I'd just been told the bitter was off!!! Or I was catching flies!!!


Not in the bitter I hope. :)

It was a great night and I'm really looking forward to the next one...

I blogged about this over at www.mediawatchblog.tv (search for bbc manchester blog).

Take care and hopefully see you soon!


Hi Paul, it was good to chat with you and I am sure the next meet-up will be just as successful.
All the best, Craig

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