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Thanks for the tips, especially the example.

With regards to the "cheap and cheerful website design service," what is the range, based on experience, you would recommend charging for building a site w/Typepad?

Thanks, so much, for your time.

Tough question to answer that as website designers can charge wildly different prices for very similar sites.

You could always masquerade as a potential client and ask a few local designers to quote for a five page site.

A Pages site is really something you could put together very quickly once you've done a few, so then you are charging for your knowledge and not by the hour.

You could even charge a premium for offering a 24-hour turnaround!

Nice job and great instructions. Thanks for sharing your experience. For the person asking about what to charge, that of course depends on a whole range of things: what kind of service are you going to provide? how much training to teach the client how to use their site? how much strategy and optimization? what's your expertise? are you a designer? will there be any customer work on the design?

There are a lot of factors that go in to pricing a service. Try not to go with an hourly rate or you'll end up not getting paid what you're worth.

Thanks, Craig and Denise. I figured it might be hard to quote a range. I guess the other factor would be how much I think I'm worth, of course taking in to consideration experience, market value, etc. Thanks, again, to both of you.

Craig, "Beyond Bliss" is beyond fabulous! Thank you so much for the beautiful example and the excellent instructions.

You rock. ;)

Glad you found the piece useful Writer Vixen.

All the best, Craig

I built many of the pages on www.isud.org from typepad. It was an easy solution to do some of the program heavy stuff I wanted to.

Hi Tom, that looks really smart and seamlessly brings static pages together with a blog.
Many thanks

I know it's been a while since you posted these instructions; but I just found them and really appreciate the simplicity!

I have a TypePad blog and decided I want to try a website. I am sure all the information I need is in the Knowledge Base; but finding it is another thing!

It seems that anytime I try to find instructions, they come in so many little unconnected pieces that I get a bad case of frustration trying to follow all the links and finally figure out what to do.

That's how I found you - a Google search for "how to build a TypePad website."

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Hi Betty, glad I could help :-)

All the best, Craig

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