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Craig - this is exactly what I want to do on my blog, but I can't find where to insert the code you so kindly provided. Below I have listed the only templates which appear in the Design section:
Archive Index Template
Atom Template
Main Index Template
RSS 2.0 Template
RSS Template
Category Archives
DateBased Archives
Individual Archives

What am I doing wrong and where should I look?



Hi Will
I'm afraid there are a couple of steps you need to take in advance.

You need to get the "entry-individual" template from this page on TypePad (about two thirds of the way down the page)


and use this to create a new Template Module called entry-individual.

Then paste the Digg/Del.icio.us code I feature above in place of the technorati-tags code on your "entry-individual" template. Save this.

Then you need to dive into your Individual Archives template and delete the words Weblog and Module from the default code, as below, this then pulls your new "entry-individual" template in.

$ MT Weblog Include Module module = " entry-individual " $

(This code appears about half way into the page and I've had to reformat it slightly so it displays here).

Save again and then do a full re-publish of the site and the Digg/Del.icio.us links should be in the footer of your articles.

I hope this is clear, but once done there is no need to change anything again and the code will display on all your stories.

Any questions just drop me a line.


Thanks - much appreciated! (and so fast)

Thanks a lot for these instructions! Especially the comments. To be clear, you need to change...
($MTWeblogIncludeModule module="entry-individual"$)

($MTInclude module="entry-individual"$)

In "Individual Archives" Template, replacing parens with angle brackets of course.

Hi Leo, many thanks for that as you say the final step is the tweak of the entry-individual code and hopefully it will make it easier for others to bookmark and promote your work.
All the best, Craig

Hi - Thanks very much for this advice. Couldn't work it out, until now.

Hi Ben, glad you were able to add the links to your site.
All the best, Craig


Does this work for StumbleUpon and Facebook too?

I've modified the code from those sites, but only digg and del.icio.us show up.



Hi Greg

Is difficult to tell if your site is using advanced templates in Typepad - you would need to be able to do this to add further links to StumbleUpon and Facebook.

But if you can access your files you would add the code, both sites offer advice on the basic code, you will then add the permalink tag to draw in your stories.

Just make sure you back up your initial files so you can roll back any changes if required.

All the best, Craig

Thanks for a very helpful post.

If you’re working on a blog that displays multiple entries on the homepage (as I am) via the entry-list or entry-list-sticky module, you will also need to modify this module to get Digg and del.icio.us links at the bottom of each entry on the homepage. This can be done by the same method you describe. Create a new module template called entry-list or entry-list-sticky, depending on which you’re using. The default code for both can be found at http://www.typepadhacks.org/2007/04/3_custom_templa.html Copy and paste the default code into the new module and insert the Digg/del.icio.us code provided in this post wherever you would like it to appear (I added it near the bottom, after the trackback code). In the Main Index Template, change MTWeblogIncludeModule to read MTInclude (as in your example).

Thanks again. I was tearing my hair out over this seemingly simple addition.

Ben (another one)

Hi Ben
Many thanks for that and your are correct about having to tweak the the entry-list file to display digg/del.icio.us links.

Although I don wonder how useful they are on home pages that use the extended post facility, personally I think it is unlikely people will bookmark the opening paragraph or two of a story.

All the best

I have been looking for this all over the Web. thank you!!!

Hi Ben, glad you tracked the instructions down and hope you've been able to get the code to work.
All the best, Craig

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