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Hi Linda, I thought it would be interesting to read Colin's experience of online publishing, as opposed to my rose-tinted version, and I must say a big thank you to him for taking the time to write this piece.
All the best, Craig

Colin Well it is nice to know the salut stable of blogs has moved you forward. And the readers thereon. Of course there are those who conform more closely to one's image of an ideal Englishman than others.

If things are moving reasonably well already that is very positive. I got the advice here in Orléans that it takes three years to get a business established. As time goes on you get more, profitable contacts, and a better idea of what is needed in the market place. Good luck

I think, Richard, that any journalist who took three years to get properly up and running would find he or she had been completely forgotten. I am already tired of having to introduce myself as "I used to be......" and that's just four months into my freelance existence.
But thanks for the encouragement.

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