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"key elements a supposed Web2.0 site needs, comments"

Well we've got that "Open Blog" thing where all the comments on all the posts are dumped in one place, and from reading the comments there users appear to be confused as to if it's a place to comment or a place to Blog themselves. Apparantly its in process of being built - and comments on specific articles / videos will be possible in the future.

The real David Cameron didn't post his video to YouTube. I wrote a comment to his site suggesting that he release his work into the public domain or under an open licence so that more people can have the confidence to place it on their own websites - the comment was rejected.


Ah, that David Cameron eh. He was awarded the Communicator of the Year title at the recent PR Week awards, with Webcameron cited a lot. He's a former PR man constantly surrounded by PR people - and sometimes getting it right!

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