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Fantastic consise summary of how to set up a specialist blog. Brilliant!

Just testing. I've just set up a blog page and wondered how other people post their blogs on the site or is it only for one user? Oooh I dunno

Hi Marley

Many thanks for your message.

In answer to your question, an individual sets up a blog and writes away as you are doing with your officeconfessions site.

Then as you read other sites you can leave a comment like you have done on mine.

Or you can write something on your own site, maybe highlighting a site you've visited in your piece, then link across to it.

It is the words you write that are important and then linking across allows your website visitors to explore more and more.

Please feel free to drop me a line if you have any other questions.



Thanks Craig, this is a very useful post. Can you tell me how to sogn up toGoogle Adsense?

You can go directly to the Adsense page at:


Google say they take a look at your site to see if it's suitable but you should be up and running very soon.

Hi, I'm a new blogger,
thanks for your advice,


Your website is very informational and helpful. I am not very pro with the use of the computer and going online but I am interested in setting up a blog site of my own. How do I start? Who do I contact?

Another excellent article Craig with something for everyone inside.

Your advice about selecting a narrow field or niche area is certainly the best advice I ever received.

hi craig--
to add on to marley's question, i am looking to set up something that is for a group of friends who are now scattered around the globe to all be able to post on the same blog. does everyone have to set up their own blog and link to each other or can something be designed so that everyone can add? Almost like a living album of sorts. Thanks.

Hi Tamar

You can set up a blog so that individual people can write to it.

One person would be the editor, you might say, who would then send an invitation to the writers and they would be able to log in and start posting to the site.

If I remember Blogger allows you to do this, but so does WordPress and if you are looking for a paid service TypePad enables this as well.

Hope this helps.

Thanks for the advice- very pertinent!

Hi Mary, glad you found the piece useful. Regards, Craig

I acknowledge with thanks the presence of your article on blogging.

While I am no neophyte in journalistic writing, I found your instuctions quite helpful.

The flavor of my writing is basically the misrable justice system in the United States, and getting the message over to others.

I do not believe there is a more corrupted system in the world. I bear witness to that fact, but really appreciate those who are willing to share the liberties available through the press and an avenue in which the word can get out.

As to my organization SALT, society against lawyers and treason, I do not know how far I will get on that note, but I am a vehement supporter of the Common Law and social justice.

I cannot immagine the horrors that you must face reporting on the Gaza. I pray for blessings from both sides of the coin in this "your God is better than my God war."

Thanks for very much for a helpful site. I am also not terribly up there with the technical side of computers and would like to start a blog.

I am a lady balloon pilot (I used to fly passenger balloons in Africa) aspiring author (based on my ballooning escapades) mother of two/ who wants to write a blog about becoming a writer. My journey to becoming hopefully a published author, with bits of the novel and every day distractions of real life thrown in. Amusing and light hearted. Do you think this might work? Can I safely use a free blog site? Is it better to pay for a site?



It sounds as though you have got a great story to tell and seeing that you are starting out I would use a free site, for example, Blogger to see if you enjoy the process of writing.

If you take to it then you can have your own domain name with Blogger, as well as Wordpress and TypePad.

And the stories you've already put together can be imported into a new site if required.

Hope this helps


All sounds good but do I really have to download another write program. I have from MS word, works, wordpad, notepad, ascII editor. Also have Open office, Google docs, Starwrite, Thinking of getting that new IBM office suite. Various writing programs that came with other software.

Hi Mike
Although some of the tools you mention can be used to posts articles to a blog, word processing software is different to blogging software.

A blog is a publishing tool that lets you place your writing in front of others, not something you can do with a Word document sat on your hard drive.

But copy and paste that article into a blog and you begin to connect with readers.

Hope that helps

You have completely converted me to the idea of blogs as a way of promoting myself and my work as an artist (I attended your 'To blog or not to blog' course a few weeks ago). The trouble is, I can't seem to get started. Does it matter, do you think, what the blog is called? I don't mean is it snappy and cool, but in terms of making it attractive to search engines. Should it contain my name, or my medium, or can it be completely way out? Or if it's all about links, perhaps it doesn't matter so much? Please help cure my blog-paralysis! Thanks

Hi Victoria

Great to hear my talk has inspired you to launch a blog.

I think as an artist you are likely to have your name as your "brand" so depending on the blog service you are using you could set up a sub-domain such as:


Or register a new domain such as:


But there is nothing stopping you being a little more creative, especially with your background.

A good test is how easy is it to tell someone your website address over the phone, it's difficult to explain when a dash is a hash!

Your article titles and the fact that your name will be on the blog will play just as important a role in being found by search engines.

But there are plenty of others things you can do yourself, such as a regular newsletter, to ensure you stay in touch with readers so you not over reliant on search engine results.

If you are still struggling dive into technorati.com and perform a search or two on design related phrases to see if other sites spark an idea.

Hope this helps and feel free to drop me a line direct.

Thanks Craig, that may be all I need to get going. I'll see how I go and may be in touch again. Thanks very much!

Hi Craig,

Thanks so much for the article. It's really useful. I'm a student (just about to graduate..hopefully) and I am really interested in trying to become a freelance journalist. I wondered if running a couple of blogs might help with goal? I was thinking that I could use the blogs as part of my portfolio. Also, I wondered if a blog could potentially bring in a regular income (even a small one)?

Hi Vee, doing any type of regular, news driven style of writing is going to help you with your career.

Hook that in to learning the ins and outs of the online publishing world, be that blogs, YouTube or Facebook, and you should develop a desirable set of skills.

Earning an income can be a challenge as it takes time, but takes things step by step and there is plenty of interesting information online to help you with this side of publishing.

All the best, Craig

"Write it, and Google will come." Tell me more, in early-boomer speak, please?

First, please accept thanks for your comment on focus.

Hi Ted
Using a blog-driven website you have an RSS feed built in which passes on a message to search engines that there is a new article on your site that needs to be referenced.

So the more quality articles you write the more chance you've got of search engines coming round regularly.

But more importantly, these articles will also appeal to readers who will link to them from their own blogs/MySpace/Facebook pages, as well as email a link to friends or post it to a forum.
Hope this helps, Craig

Craig, This is a great article which saved my sanity and helped a first time blogger setting up his site. I have learnt that the big software companies need a lesson in how to explain actions and terminology in simple english. I have used Typepad as you recommended but did find their help ticket responses less than helpful, a forum is needed.Still have some minor bugs but I think that is par for the course. I acknowledge that you article is now getting on but don,t delete it as I am sure there are many more out there who need this simple guide to getting started

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