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Thanks for mentioning Bill's blog post. We had received letters voicing thoughts similar to those Bill received on his original post, but the great thing about our blog is that it condensed all of these comments into one place. Southwest does use focus groups, but our Customers have never been shy about communicating their thoughts to us. Our President, Colleen Barrett, looks upon our blog as more than a traditional focus group, she considers it to be a valuable "Customer Service laboratory."

But like our Company, our blog posts are driven from the top, they come from our team of 30 bloggers and from comments we receive on the blog. In fact, Bill's original post came out of comments that he had received on a post about a different subject.


Hi Brian
Many thanks for leaving a comment, it's clear the Southwest blog allows for easy communication, which can be used to benefit both the company and its customers.
All the best, Craig

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