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Thanks for the advice last night, i'll certainly have a look further into what PhotoBox can do for me!

Hi Paul, glad I could help out and if you do decide on a photo service please feel free to add a note as an update.
All the best, Craig

Hi Craig, what do you reckon to Digg and Delicious and all that sort of stuff?

PS Thanks for all your help. This time next year Rodney, we'll be millionaires.

Hi Linda
There is no harm in making social bookmarking tools available on your site, but whether it is used depends very much on who your target audience is.
Gadgets, tech and politics seem to do well, but I think if I asked my readers of This French Life if they had Dugg any of my stories, the silence would be deafening.
Although many of these tools make the news, the majority of people are happy with their favourites and emailing friends about sites to visit.
Speak soon

Hi Craig,
I'm becoming like Robin - reading RSS and posts at ungodly time, and not when they come up. :-) I wanted to say 'thankyou' for the talk at the workshop, Flickr I'm already using, and doing something about Amazon will probably be the next step, as I've got three reviews there, and I know some visitors do actually go to read them from Notebooks.

The only thing I'm not sure about is whether or not to start using AdWords. Considering I'm in that industry now, I could make a good use of it. And making money from your writing is obviously good, too. But I was setting up Notebooks as a non-commercial blog, so to suddenly fill up the space with Google AdWords is kind of strange.

I think I'll have to start yet another blog, to earn money with it. :-) And hence a question: do you need to declare your earning from a blog to the National Revenue, is it taxable?

All the best, and speak soon

Hi Craig,

I've put together my free online photo store utilising Photobox as you suggested. It is rather easy to set everything up, you set the prices and specify the print sizes you wish to sell your prints. You are able to claim back any money you've earned from sales in batches of £50's as well.

All in all, it looks like it will be rather worthwhile having such an addition. I'd recommend others try the service.


Hi Paul
Looking good :-) I would highlight the photobox site throughout your main site, maybe a simple thumbnail image and link at the end of your articles included in the template?
The photo of Central Library is stunning.
All the best, Craig

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